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Getting Your House Ready for Virtual School during COVID-19

We are living in the new normal after the COVID-19 pandemic. With schools closed, kids and parents are not happy about the virtual classes and all those
video meetups are leaving them unsatisfied. Virtual classrooms are definitely not an ideal learning environment but it is important to optimize this experience for
kids. Following are the few tips to prepare your house to maximize virtual classroom involvement.

Setting up a space
It is important to set up a space that is entirely devoted to education. The area should be quiet, free of all distractions, including TV and cell phones. A ringing
phone or a favorite movie on TV is a “BIG” no. A dedicated area helps the students to focus on learning during the COVID pandemic.

The kids must be comfortable wherever they are studying. This doesn’t mean a bed is a good option (we don’t want you to fall asleep). A good, sturdy desk with a chair that fits the height of the desk would be perfect. Oh, and if you have more than one kid, then a kitchen table with painter’s tape marking each child’s domain would do wonders. Just ensure that they can rest their feet on the floor, and not have to hunch their shoulders over laptops when working.

A poorly lit area can cause eye strain if reading or focusing on a computer screen for too long. On the other hand, a room that is too bright can cause headaches or uncomfortable heating in the place. Try to set up a small desk or table near a window that would allow for natural light to filter during studying time. Sunshine is healthy for kids physically and emotionally. Since they are already boxed in, good sunshine will help them maintain their morale in this pandemic. Let the natural light in. Even if you are using artificial lights, make sure that they are appropriately positioned. It is also important to deep clean your bulbs and lamps.

Organizing your space
A tidy, decluttered workspace is vital for attentive learning. Make sure that all the books and course materials are labeled and organized as possible. Keep all the school supplies (pencils, papers, crayons, etc.) in a designated place so that the kids don’t go searching for them and waste time. Just figure out what works best and stick with it.

A personalized space boosts the performance. It also strengthens focus and can help kids look forward to studying. After deep cleaning, kids can decorate their
space with their artwork. Something as simple as a can recycled as pencil holder will give a sense of individualism. For grown-ups, a good scented candle or a
favorite painting would do. Remember, this is their study space, so they can make it exactly how they feel it will suit their study habits best.

Power Supply

With virtual classes, it is imperative to ensure a reliable power nearby to keep your laptop or computer fully charged while attending classes. Avoid stretching power cords, as this may cause a tripping hazard for pets or kids.

Staying on Task
Time management is challenging during distance learning. Scheduling breaks to step outside and walk around the block or have a healthy snack will help the day progress. It will not only be a tool for motivation but will keep the kids focused and get the job done efficiently.
We are all facing challenging times. Just know that this is for a season and it will come to pass. Remember that kids feed off the energy and attitude of others, so
maintain a positive attitude and they will follow.